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MAUSHIELD is the national platform for sharing cyber threat information and intelligence that can help organisations to improve their cybersecurity posture, minimize risks and prevent cyber-attacks. It is a key initiative under the National Cybersecurity Strategy, which sets out the Government’s approach to combat cybercrime in Mauritius.

The aim of MAUSHIELD is to facilitate cyber threat information sharing and develop a better understanding of the different techniques that cybercriminals are using to carry out cyber-attacks. By sharing cyber threat information and working together, organisation can improve on their defense capability and stay on top of current trends and emerging threats.

MAUSHIELD is managed by the Computer Emergency Response Team of Mauritius, set-up under the section 38 of the Cybersecurity and Cybercrime Act 2021.

Objectives of MAUSHIELD

The objectives of MAUSHIELD are to:

Benefits of MAUSHIELD

By exchanging cyber threat information, organisations can improve:


MAUSHIELD receives cyber security threat information from a range of sources, including through government and business computer emergency response teams (CERTs) around the world. To get access to this information, you have to be a member of MAUSHIELD.

MAUSHIELD Membership Program is free and open to organisations in the public and private sectors, including academia and the research sector.

As a member, you will have access to threat intelligence consisting of context-rich, actionable and timely information in a variety of formats, including alerts and advisories, and indicators of compromise (IoCs).

Additionally, being a member, you can share threat intelligence and situational awareness derived from own networks, allowing organisations to develop a more complete picture of the threat environment.

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